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About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands


Montessori Christian Academy serves children from one year of age through kindergarten. The child who attends a Montessori school becomes a person who is self assured in their decisions; respects work, nature and friends; has wonderful grace and courtesy skills; and is academically prepared. A child who attends Montessori Christian Academy gains all of this and a strong foundation and knowledge of Jesus and scripture. All of the activities in our environment are designed to help the child become a “whole person." Maria Montessori said, “Show me the child at six, and I will show you the man he will be.” Our staff believes this philosophy to be true, and we realize the importance of these developmental stages in each child’s life.

The Atrium

“The Atrium is a space where a child can fall in love with God.”
Atria are located all throughout European Montessori schools and are being included more and more in Montessori schools throughout the world. It is a place where the Christian faith is shared with the children through prayer, song, and sequential presentations. The room offers the children a wonderful, hands-on environment in which to explore and celebrate Christian themes in a manner that appeals to families of all Christian denominations. Also, as the primary faith sharers in a child’s life, parents are encouraged to observe and volunteer in the Atrium, for the Atrium is also a place where adults can "fall in
love with God!”

Health & Safety

Montessori Christian Academy is centrally located in Mandeville, LA off Hwy. 190, just minutes from the Causeway Bridge. We are easily accessible, and our street has very little traffic. Our school has state-of-the-art fire and security systems, which are monitored 24 hours a day for the safety of the children. Our playgrounds are abundantly equipped with outdoor play equipment and beautiful shady trees. Our program consists of one toddler class, one preschool class, and two primary classes. We believe every child who attends Montessori Christian Academy needs a great deal of attention. In order to “look to the child,” as Maria Montessori stated, our staff-to-student ratio is far below state requirements.

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